Auga Orbit Scantrack

Orbit Scantrack Features

Full scanner control, prescan, scan to file & copy functionality
Direct fast print to Xerox8830, collate copies etc.
Stores scan- & print jobs in MS Access archive
Single- & batch scanning features, incl. auto naming
Single- & batch image functions, incl. email of images
Advanced hollerith- & nudge features for ACS scanning
Advanced multi-page management
Handles up to 12 different scanner settings
Runs external applications directly from archive
Runs external applications directly from archive


     Orbit Pro
     Orbit Front


Scantrack is a scanner operating system. With Scantrack you can scan your images and store and index them with a single field for easy retrieval. You can print your images directly to multiple Xerox8830s, Solus4s or any Windows-driver printer (digital copying). All print jobs can be stored and indexed for accounting purposes. In addition to the single index field, Scantrack enables you to keep track of all scan- and print jobs by sheet count, image area, media area, etc. Scantrack includes advanced hollerith- and nudge features for ACS scanning.

Scantrack operates in four integrated modes: pre-scan, scan, copy and archive.

In the pre-scan station you can experiment with different scanner settings to get the best result for your images. Store up to 12 custom scanner settings to ensure maximum quality for your drawing types.

In the scan station the scanned image can be saved to file and archive with four index fields: File name, Scan ID, Operator Name and Scan Time. You can perform single-and batch scanning functions, incl. auto naming.

The copy station is used for printing your scanned images directly to printers without saving your images to files. You can set up printing information for logging and billing purposes - including: Print ID, Operator Name, Print Time, Print Area, Number of Copies, Type of Device, Type of Media & Scaling. Keep exact track of who printed what to whom.

In the archive station you can work with your scanner- and printer archives. The archive provides you with a viewer and a search engine. Multi-pages are shown as drag and drop thumbnails. You can run single- and batch image functions, external applications and e-mail your scanned images directly from the archive.

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