Auga Orbit Pro

Orbit Pro Features

Scans, indexes & stores to MS Access archive in 1 process
Unlimited number of index fields
Links index fields to image areas for fast indexing
Automatically indexes the drawing title block by OCR
Automatically indexes hollerith codes on Aperture Cards
Multi-page management
Automatically loads drawings to be indexed
Advanced search capabilities
Runs multiple scanners at the same time
Runs external applications directly from archive


    Orbit Front
    Orbit ScanTrack


Pro is a scanning, indexing and archiving system for large archives. With Pro you can scan your images and store and index them on an unlimited number of fields for easy retrieval. The storage of your images can be inside the archive or outside as files in sub-directories named by index field values, i.e. project numbers. Various indexing features are included: Automatically load of images to be indexed, automatically zoom to areas on image for each field, use of default values and macros, etc. Pro supports multiple scanners on a single workstation to speed up the archiving process. Multi-page management is also supported.

Pro works in three modes: Design, Insert and Query.

In Design mode you can define your database and index fields. You can link fields to areas in the image and you can create macros to help simplify and automate the indexing process.

In Insert mode you control the attached scanner(s) and perform the indexing with help from the system. Feed the scanner and index later or index while you scan – the choice is yours. If you have Aperture Cards with Hollerith Codes the indexing can be done automatically. You only need to feed the Aperture Card scanner(s).

In Query mode you can work with the archive. There is a user-friendly browser with a quickview facility where you can view the contents of the archive. You can search for records that fulfil specific criteria, make changes to your archive, version records and design your own queries.

Orbit/OCR - Package
The Optical Character Recognition (OCR) Package is an add-on to Pro. With the OCR package and with the index fields linked to areas in the image you can extract the text into the fields manually or automatically. The OCR Package enables you to fully automate the scanning, indexing and storing of your drawings.

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