Auga Orbit Reasons 

                    15 good reasons to buy ORBIT:


  1.  Convert your paper based document flows at low cost and great benefit

  2.  Low cost, easy-to-integrate solution

  3.  Easy and affordable network expansion

  4.  Scanner hardware independent

  5.  100% automated scanning and data capture process

  6.  Advanced automated image processing and text recognition capabilities

  7.  Customisable client user interface, control and design your own workflow

  8.  Email, fax, scan and capture files directly into the archive

  9.  Easy to integrate with existing workflow systems

10.  Provides full control of user rights, security and revision control

11.  Indexes more than 250 file formats

12.  Integrates with a number of third party viewers and tools

13.  Fast and easy handling of documents as well as large format drawings

14.  Export the archive or parts of it to a self-sustained CD-rom

15.  Create new documents or drawings into the archive from the network


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