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Switch Administration Tool (SAT)  


Managing fixed and mobile switching networks is an extremely complicated task. To access the network data, a text-based interface is typically used, which makes it difficult to maintain an overview of the connections across the network. The resulting data puzzle is solved by the use of ad-hoc views of data using spreadsheets and other kind of documents not designed for the complicated task a switch expert faces. Only a few people with many years of experience are capable of understanding a switching network as one unit.

With the rapid growth in the size of networks it becomes more and more difficult to maintain an overview of the network and how changes will affect operations. As a result, too many network changes are implemented in a "trial and error" way - a much too expensive and inefficient way of maintaining a network.

Controlling the network development process is essential through all its phases, from planning and storing data to implementing the changes. SAT quickly and efficiently answers questions like:

  • Which trees point to this circuit group?

  • Show me all the paths from this digit!

  • If I change this digit, which other elements will be affected?

  • Is my network consistent?

SAT presents the network data in a user-friendly interactive tree explorer. The main network elements treated by SAT per switch are: trees, digits, destinations, alternatives, sub-destinations, announcements, special routes, routes, circuit groups and circuits.

SAT provides:

  • Overview

  • Complete network consistency and control for the operator

  • Simulation of planned changes

  • Tools for analyzing and comparing different network elements

  • The ability to view and track all paths through the network in both directions

  • The ability to filter out distracting elements

SAT additionally features:

  • Digit analysis

  • Reports made from a SQL interface to the network data

  • End Of Selection (EOS) analysis

  • Comparison of switch configurations

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