Auga Solutions Prepaid Services Tool  

Prepaid Services Tool  


One of the many success stories in Auga is the 24/7 real time management of prepaid mobile phone services. The prepaid services have thousands of customers online. Below are listed some of the applications delivered to the prepaid services system:

Scratch Card Database System – The scratch card database system includes a card supplier system, creation of scratch cards and management of scratch cards with a user friendly interface.

Interactive Voice Response Interface – The application receives requests from the interactive voice response machine, handles the requests and sends responses back.

Intelligent Network Interface – The application receives requests from external applications, handles the requests at the Intelligent Network and sends responses back.

HLR Service Interface – The Home Location Register (HLR) application opens/closes for various prepaid services for customers.

CDR Interface – The application reads and parses CDR files from the Switches and from the Intelligent Network.

SMS Centre – The application sends SMS to prepaid services customers.

Nokia NMS SNMP alarms – The application sends alarms as SNMP traps to the Nokia NMS that in turn sends them to the Operational Maintenance Centre.

PPS User Interface – The web site is used by the Customer Service division for prepaid services account purposes.

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